Saturday, March 7, 2009


My hubby and I went out to dinner last night to Chili's. I had received free Guiltless meal coupons from Bzzagent. So we decided to take advantage of my mom being here to watch the girls. We both got the asada steak with steamed broccoli with cheese and slices carrots. We decided to get a side to share of Texas cheese fries and both got an alcoholic drink.
Our meal was delivered to our table by the manager before our side and he was not happy about that. But it didn't bother us. So we ended up only paying for our drinks. $12.00. You can't beat that.
As for our dinners we were very surprised. I thought that with it being fewer calories that it would not taste as good. But it was excellent. Even the broccoli was nice and tender and tasted great without butter. I usually have to have butter on it but this time I did not. I can't wait to go back again and try more of those meals. Here is a list of all the guiltless meals.
Guiltless honey-mustard glazed salmon, guiltless grilled salmon, guiltless buffalo or grilled chicken sandwich, guiltless cedar plank tilapia , guiltless carne asada steak, guiltless chicken platter or guiltless black bean burger.
I would definitely recommend you trying one of these meals next time you eat at Chili's. Next I am going to try one of the chicken sandwiches.

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Tom Bower said...

Mom B here. Ohhhh, I just read your
except for the chicken unless it's got crunchies on it. Gotta go there.Love Mom