Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Things

Sorry I have not been blogging lately. I really need to get into the gest of things again. Holidays are always busy and things get on hold. There has just been so much going on. The girls are not sleeping through the night again so For 4 days straight I think I got about 6 hours sleep. When one would sleep the other would not and for a few days neither of them were. The one night we literally got not one hour of full sleep. It is ridiculous cause they are 4 1/2 and 3. So it has been difficult to even get through the day, even adding 11 month old to the day, and sometimes till 830 at night.
We are looking for land to put a house on or a house for sale which has not been easy. It seems like when we find land and we think it is going to work we find out more things we need to add that puts up the cost. It is getting very frustrating and overwhelming for me. Sometimes I just wish for once something would just fall into our laps. We have had to work hard for everything we have and own. And nothing comes easy. I know we just have to trust in the lord to provide for us and let him have control. I have basically given it to the lord but sometimes it still gets hard.
Now to add on top of things we have to put about $2,500.00 into my husbands Tahoe. It is 12 yrs old and it is starting to act like it. He needs new tires, new air conditioning unit and now he has a coolant leak. It just seems to never end. I would love to put the house hunting on hold and just get these things fixed but he doesn't want to do that. Sometimes I wonder if we are financially able to buy a house right now. He had to take a 10% pay cut and no pay raise this year. Which we are glad he has a job. I do not want to be strapped financially but on the other hand I am so tired of living in an apartment and not being able to do things to it. They put such cheap carpet in here so everything stains it or leaves spots that you have to scrub to get out.
I guess I am just frustrated with everything. I would love to be able to just have the money to not feel strapped and be able to fix these things when they come up and to be out of debt. I have to vent sometimes like everyone else. So just keep us in your prayers that we get lead in the right direction and everything works like God wants it to.
I hope you all had a great Valentines Day. We just chilled at home and then relaxed after the kiddos went to bed with a glass of wine watching TV, that was until both kids woke up and refused to go back to bed for about an hour. After that I gave up on a relaxing romantic evening and went to bed. I am hoping the month of March will be much easier on us.
I am so excited that my parents are coming down for a visit and then my mommy is staying with us for a week( that is if I decide to let her go back home. LOL)
Have a great week everyone!


Mary said...

you poor thing. I wish I could help. Money is tough here too. I thank God for income tax b/c that is the only way we are surviving. Keep the faith and know that things will get better. You will find land when it's meant to be. It may be that God doesn't like what's for sale right now : )


Mary said...

Ok, I was walking by my TV this morning and caught this commercial for kids not sleeping. Its a DR that gives free advice online and I thought maybe you should check it out. It's Maybe something like this can help and hey it's free advice so it can't hurt.