Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow !

Well we got snow. It was not supposed to end till 6 tonight but it is now 4:30 and it has not snowed in awhile so I think it is done. We got 3 inches. They say that this is the most snow they have had in this area in 4 years, since 2005. The girls were so excited and bugged me all day to go and play in it. Well I finally took them out after nap and they had a blast but cold fast since we had in improvise on the clothing for the weather. Luckily we all had pants that were like wind breaker material. So I got lots of pics and I am going to share. So enjoy!

This one was this morning after it was snowing for about 2 hours!
This is the landscape in front of our place after it finaished snowing!

This is Payten in the snow!

Teagen in the snow!

Snow Angel

Another Snow Angel!

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Anonymous said...

your pictures sure cute. the girls would really have a blast here. I'm glad they finally got to have some snow there.
Love Mom