Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well yesterday was the first time I had ever voted. I have been registered to vote for years but I have never followed the campains and Just never had the wanting to vote. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I know up in Pa they had the machines and computers to use. Here all I had to do was fill out a paper ballot. It kind of took the excitement out of it for me. I was so looking forward to seeing how to use one of the old pull down machines or the new computers. It took me all of 15 mins to vote.
There was no line to wait in and lots of place to either sit or stand in a partition. So then last night I took my sticker and went and got my free starbucks coffee and free krispy creme donut. I think that was really cool of them to do those free things for voters. It's about time someone rewards us for doing a great thing with something free.

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Mary said...

I wish I was able to get registered in time this year to vote. I sent in my form in September but the court house claims they didn't rcv it. So I once again did not get the chance to vote. Next time I guess...