Friday, November 7, 2008


About 6 years ago I bought a creative memories starter kit. I thought I would get into scrapbooking. Well I kept accumulating papers, stickers, ect. for the last 6 years but never really did anything with it. So back in July I started going to a scrapbooking get together at our church. My hubby finally talked me into starting our wedding album. So I am happy to say I finished it tonight.
We get together once a month for about 5 hours. Of course something has happened the last 2 months and I could not make it. So I was determined to stay for the whole 6 hours tonight and get as much done as possible. So after a few hours I was finished. I almost made it the 6 hours. Now I have to do the reception of our wedding and I can move onto the girl's albums. That I am not looking forward to starting since I obviously never started them. So I am feeling very proud of myself.


It Takes Four said...

Good for you! That is so awesome! I love scrapbooking also. It is so much fun and the finish product is so rewarding.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you too. I bet it is beautiful, can't wait to see it. You have been busy, thats why I haven't heard from you.
Love Mom

The Jillybean said...

I so need to start some of mine, and finish others. Kudos to you!