Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outreach Program

Today we had a bunch of different outreach programs going in in our area that our church did. I was involved in doing facials and pedicures for mothers who were running away or had no place to live. It really felt great to be apart of making them feel good and look good. We had 10 ladies show up. We had a really great time and the ladies really appreciated it so much. It was amazing who they looked and then how they changed in just a little bit of time of doing their make-up.
While we were in one room doing the make overs we had about 6 kids how signed up and were in another room learning about Noah's Ark and doing art projects. It is amazing how God changes our lives and pulls at us to be part of these special events.
Scott was signed up to rake leaves for the elderly but it was raining today so they had to reschedule for the 8th of November. So he got to stay home and spend the morning with the girls.


Elizabeth F. said...

That's great!

Anonymous said...

That was very nice of your Church to do that.I'm so glad you enjoyed doing that. I hope Scott gets to rake Leaves, sounds like fun.
Love Mom