Monday, October 27, 2008

NC State Fair

Yesterday we took the kids to the state fair in Raleigh. It was a beautiful day, perfect for walking the fair grounds. We had a great time. The girls rode ponys. Played a game and rode a circus train. We ate deep fried oreos, they were so good. We also had fries and popcorn. We did alot of walking and looking at the livestock. I have plenty of pictures to share. We have a neighbor who is a state highway patrolman who was working at the fair so Teagen got her picture taken with him. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Elizabeth F. said...

How cute. Glad ya'll had a good time.

It Takes Four said...

The pitures are sooo cute. It looks like the girls had a great time.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute. I can't wait to see the girls. That picture of teagen with the State Highway Patrolman is so cute. I'm glad the girls had a good time.
Love Mom