Friday, October 10, 2008


I thought with Halloween coming up I would do some research on the orgins of it.

The Origin of Halloween: From Pagan to ChristianOther historians trace the origin of Halloween back to the ancient and enduring Christian tradition of celebrating the lives of Christian martyrs on the anniversaries of their deaths. When Pope Boniface IV reconsecrated the Pantheon in Rome on May 13, 609 AD, renaming it the “Church of St. Mary and the Martyrs,” he established that anniversary as a day of celebratory remembrance for all of the Church’s martyrs. Pope Gregory III later changed the date of remembrance to November 1 when he dedicated a chapel in St. Peter’s Basilica to “all saints.” November 1 became All Saints Day, otherwise known as All Hallow’s Day. The night before became All Hallow’s Eve (“Halloween” being a colloquial contraction of that phrase). While Halloween began as a localized celebration, Pope Gregory IV extended its observance to all of Christendom in the 9th Century AD. As Christianity spread throughout the world, pagan holidays were either Christianized or forgotten. Samhain was absorbed into Halloween. Costumes and gifts and bobbing for apples were preserved, incorporated into the new holiday. They remain a celebrated part of Halloween to this day, many centuries later.

I have known for a while now that it was a christian hoilday. It is a real shame at what people turned it into. I know some feel that it should not be recongized and so they do not. I have neighbors who do not allow their children to participate in it. I feel that it is what you make of it. My children love to get dressed up and go trick or treating. We will raise them to know the true meaning of Halloween. Even some years my hubby and I get dressed up with the girls.
What are your feelings on this holiday?

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Anonymous said...

We always took our kids Halloweening. We always had a good time. I also enjoyed seeing the other children in costumes.
Love Mom