Monday, October 20, 2008


It's hard to believe that it is fall already. It has been getting into the 30's here at night and in the 60 or 70's during the day. It feels good, in the afternoon after it warms up, to have some warm but not hot weather. It was hard to believe how it went form hot to cold here without it being gradual. It was almost like being back in PA. The leaves are starting to change. I am actually excited to see the colors.
We were supposed to go to the state fair in Raleigh last Saturday but it was so cold and rainy here that we were afraid the weather would not be much different there so we decided to wait till next Saturday. This fair is so big. We were there last year for about 8-9 hours and still did not see everthing. It was amazing. Nothing like the state fair up in Pa.
So what is the fall weather like in your area? Are the leaves changing yet? I would love to know.


teresa said...

The leaves have been changing for a couple of weeks.they are acually starting to fade a little. It has been so beautiful.

Mary said...

Our trees in are yard are colorful and the leaves have dropped. The girls have a blast playing in them! Sometimes I miss being a kid!