Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well in 1 week our little girl starts pre-k. I can't believe it is that time already. It's hard to believe she is almost 4 yrs old. Her birthday is 4 days after she starts school. Her pre-k program is actually through the schools here so we had to sign her up and she had to get tested for it. They told us right from the beginning what school she would be going to. Of course we went out and did school clothes shopping. We got most of it done a few weeks ago. And then last week they sent us a letter informing us that she will need uniforms. Can you believe that! They have known for months that she was going to that school and now they inform us of the uniforms. All the stores here sell the uniforms but they are not cheap. I did get a few things at consignment stores and thrift stores but I still have more to buy. I don't mind her wearing a uniform but they could have told us months ago. I still have not heard of what she will need, Supplies ect.. Or when her meet the teacher night is. They will also probably wait till the last minute. Of course we have yet to drive to the school to know where it is. I was told it is in the not too great area. But that it had a great program. I am excited but I know the day I drop her off it will be a water fall coming off my face. So cross you fingeres for us that she likes it and meets some great friends.

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