Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Scott was talking with his mom on the phone the other night. They live in Ohio. Well a few months ago she decided to start feeding some strays that came around. I guess it started out as one and now there is 2 sometimes 3. Well while she was on the phone with Scott she looks outsides and what does she see? A raccoon eating the cat food. So she goes out with a broom and shoos it away. A few minutes later it comes back with friends.
They are coming here next weekend for a week and are not sure about leaving cat food out for the cats because of the coons. He told her while he was on the phone to call animal control to come and get them but she didn't. Not sure why. Its amazing what kind of animals you get around your house.

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Anonymous said...

that sure is cute. the picture is cute.
Love Mom