Saturday, July 19, 2008

Turning 4 !

Payten turns 4 in 6 weeks. I asked her where she wanted to have her party and the first place she said was "Teresa's house". See how much she loves you ,Teresa! So I said "well we can't go there it is too far away". So then she said "the pool". My response was " don't you want to have it somewhere different and special ?" She finally decided on Chuck E. Cheese. So I just got done making reservations to have it on August 30. She is going to be so happy and excited. Well so is Mommy and Daddy cause we only have to make the cake. That alone should be interesting cause we are going to make her the 3-d castle. I am glad Scott is very talented so he should be able to do most of the work.
I showed her the castle cake kit that we are going to buy and she was ecstatic. She didn't want to wait till mommy got a coupon she wanted to buy it right then and there. I can't believe they charge $22.00 for the kit. So I will keep everyone updated after the party and will make sure to take pics of the cake after we get it done.


Elizabeth F. said...

Before I forget, I asked John and we will be in town that weekend. We can't wait. Oh-You need to post on your blog some wish list presents or size clothes (LOL! about that one..she's growing like a weed!) So everyone knows what to get her.

Mary said...

aww, I can't believe 4 already. I don't know that I will have any money to send her a present but I will at least try to get her a card ( or even have Mea and Tiana make one for her) give both of them hugs and kisses for us!

teresa said...

I love Payten very much too. I cant belieive she will be 4. It goes to fast. And I am so proud of Teagan. Both are very bright wonderful girls.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to hear that Payte wan't to have her party at Teresa's house. They are such good friends.
Love Mom