Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tonight my hubby was reading our youngest a bed time story( which was actually a counting book). Well I hear him in her room saying" very good" to her. I was not sure but figured she was repeating him( since she never does that for us). Well he comes over into P's bedroom and tells me how for every time he counted the animals at each number she would always say the next one at the end. For example, he was counting 4 dogs so when he got to the number 4 she would say 5. Well so I told her hey hunny lets count with mommy. SO I start off at 1 and she went on from there all the way to 10 by herself. I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe my ears. She has never once counted for us.
I know a lot of people are thinking wow by2 1/2 my child could do that and more. Well with P it was like that. By the time she hit that age she was counting to 15 knew her colors and shapes. But with Teagen she acts like she just doesn't care to learn but we work with her anyways. It just shocks me everytime the girls prove to us that they actually do listen and learn form all of us.

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Crystal said...

It's such a rewarding feeling isn't it! WTG!!!