Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping Trip

This past weekend we went to Cape Hatteras and camped in a cabin at a KOA. The cabin was a little small but it worked. It only has a double bed, bunk bed, and a small table connected to the wall. The weather was beautiful and hot. They had so much to do there. We got there Friday nite and just took a walk and settled in before bed. After the girls fell asleep we went out and sat outside on the porch swing.
Saturday Teagen had me up at 5am and then everyone else got up at 6 so after breakfast we headed for the beach at about 8. We stayed till 1. There were these 2 kids beside us who had these little nets. When the waves would come in they would just blindly scoop in the water adn they would catch little fish. That kept Payten happy and content while Teagen was in my lap taking a nap. Boy was that hot for me. After we went and ate lunch we headed for the 2 pools they had with slides. I couldn't believe both girls went down the slide into daddy's arms. We spent about 2 hours at the pool and the girls had had enough. They had a huge bounce pillow built into the ground and a water balloon sling fight set. We had fun doing those things before supper. OH and we took a train ride. Payten went around 2 times. We decided to eat supper right there at the poolside cafe. While we were waiting on our food to come out Payten fell asleep in the chair. She slep from 730 till 6 the next morning. Again after the girls were sleeping we went out and played Yatzee and Skip-O at the picnic table.
Sunday we headed for home. But on the way we stopped at the NC Aquarium. It was small but nice. Just big enough for the girls to enjoy it but not get too tired of walking. We were home at 530. It was nice being home early. Usually whenever we go somewhere we don't get home till late and then the girls have a hard time settling down for bed.
It was a great weekend trip. I think I am liking weekend trips better than week long ones.
Here are a few pics we took...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tonight my hubby was reading our youngest a bed time story( which was actually a counting book). Well I hear him in her room saying" very good" to her. I was not sure but figured she was repeating him( since she never does that for us). Well he comes over into P's bedroom and tells me how for every time he counted the animals at each number she would always say the next one at the end. For example, he was counting 4 dogs so when he got to the number 4 she would say 5. Well so I told her hey hunny lets count with mommy. SO I start off at 1 and she went on from there all the way to 10 by herself. I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe my ears. She has never once counted for us.
I know a lot of people are thinking wow by2 1/2 my child could do that and more. Well with P it was like that. By the time she hit that age she was counting to 15 knew her colors and shapes. But with Teagen she acts like she just doesn't care to learn but we work with her anyways. It just shocks me everytime the girls prove to us that they actually do listen and learn form all of us.

Turning 4 !

Payten turns 4 in 6 weeks. I asked her where she wanted to have her party and the first place she said was "Teresa's house". See how much she loves you ,Teresa! So I said "well we can't go there it is too far away". So then she said "the pool". My response was " don't you want to have it somewhere different and special ?" She finally decided on Chuck E. Cheese. So I just got done making reservations to have it on August 30. She is going to be so happy and excited. Well so is Mommy and Daddy cause we only have to make the cake. That alone should be interesting cause we are going to make her the 3-d castle. I am glad Scott is very talented so he should be able to do most of the work.
I showed her the castle cake kit that we are going to buy and she was ecstatic. She didn't want to wait till mommy got a coupon she wanted to buy it right then and there. I can't believe they charge $22.00 for the kit. So I will keep everyone updated after the party and will make sure to take pics of the cake after we get it done.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today was Payten's first visit to the Dentist. I could not believe how well she did. I was shocked how she opened her mouth and let them clean her teeth. Usually she gives people a hard time when they ask her to open wide. We had a great visit. They said her teeth are very healthy and she is doing a great job brushing them. The only problem the dentist foresaw was that she has an over bite so she will probably need braces at the age of 11 or 12. Of course they said the same about me when I was younger and by the time I hit 13 my over bite was gone and my teeth went straight. So we are counting our stars that this happens with her also.

4Th of July

I know I am a little late blogging about the 4th. We decided to go down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. Our friend got us a great deal on 2 nights for $100.00. You can't beat that for a holiday weekend. Or any weekend actually. So we got there and they told me there was still due $130.00. The hundred was pre paid at the time of booking. I was not Happy about this. So I called our friend and he said he would contact the lady he knew there and get it taken care of . Unfortunately she is avoiding his calls. Still you really an not complain for $230. when it should have been almost $400.

So we got there on Friday afternoon. We were very pleased with our room. A queen bed( oh what heavenly rest, our bed at home is a double) and a double bed( girls shared) also a full size kitchen. It was not Ocean Front but Ocean View.

On Friday nite we went to BareFoot Landing. They were having Fireworks there that night. We ate at this awesome wing place called Wild Wing Cafe. I never had such great wings. They were the best. So now we have a favorite place to eat when we go there. The Fireworks were great and the girls really enjoyed them. We really were hoping to watch them from on the beach but we would not have been able to see them from there. Here is a picture of the girls in their 4th of July outfits. Teagen had a pair of 4th of July flip flops but she did not like how they felt so she would not wear them.

Sat night we decided to go and walk down to the strip were a lot of the shops were. It was very busy but fun to see all the people and different vehicles driving by. We went into a few shops and then headed back to the hotel for bed.

We had a great and relaxing vacation. It was just what we all needed. What did you do for the 4th weekend?


Our dog is so picky. Her dog bowl broke about a month ago and so we had to buy her a new one. She refused to eat out of it and so we had to hand feed her for a while. Well lately she has been refusing to eat out of it again. So last nite I was up stairs and when I came down Scott was sitting with the dog beside her bowl. He started to laugh. I asked what was up and he told me how since the dog refused to eat he tried something new. He got down and tried to coax her into eating when that didn't work he put his head into the bowl and acted as if he was eating her food. When he stopped she pout her head slowly into the bowl and started to eat. I wish I had been down stairs with a camera. What a pic that would have been.

I'm Back!

Oh my, I didn't realize it has been almost a month since I last blogged. We have been so busy and there is so much to write about. I guess I will start with Father's Day. We went to the Asheboro Zoo, it was about 2 hours form our house. We had a great time. Unfortunately we got there late so we had to haul our butts around to see everything. But boy was that a work out. It was not like every other zoo I had been in. The land was not flat or slightly hilly but in a mountain where you were literally climbing the mountain in some areas. My legs were so sore for about a week and I had shin splints. The girls had a blast. They talked about the animals for weeks and bugged to go back. I would love to go back in the fall after it cools a little so the animals will be more energetic. Here are a few pics...

P & T in a Polar Bear cave!

Daddy, P & T in a birds nest on the carousel

Also in the month of June we had Scott's work picnic where we won a $50.00 gift card for the outback steakhouse. Can't wait to use that. We were going to use it that nite but we were so full from all the food at the picnic we went to Chili's instead and had appetizers, while our good friend Shelly watched the girls for us.

Also our best friends from PA came down on the 27th and stayed till July 3. It was a great week. We had so much fun and the kids were so happy to see each other. We did plenty of swimming, shopping and just hanging out. We drove over to the Outer Banks and went to Nags Head Beach for the day. I am so glad it was a great day. We were a little worried about the smoke from the Forrest fire that is burning not far from there. We ended that trip by shopping at the outlets.

On July 7th I start to babysit a 3 1/2 month old. I have been trying to find a babysitting job for a while now. God decided it was time for me to have this job. IT was supposed to be for 2 weeks. After the first day her mom called and asked if I would mind doing it permanently. She is such a good baby and the girls just love to help me take care of her. It is nice having a extra income while being able to stay home with my girls.

On July 25 we leave to go camping at a KOA in Cape Hatteras. We are so looking forward to it.