Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours started out great. ON Sat. morning we went to the pool till 1 then had nap time. We were all exhausted from swimming that we all took a nap. After nap we had a friends day at church which included hot dogs, snow cones & Starbucks coffee. The had a jumpy for the kids and played volleyball and basketball for the adults. Afterwards the had their sat night service "unfiltered". It was a great service and we met a new couple. The kids had fun and loved the snow cones.
Sunday at 11 we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. We ate pizza and then played games. Payten wanted to play basketball so daddy put her up on the machine and was holding onto her so she could shot hoops. Well Teagen saw her and had to do it also. Since there was a ball in the holding area of the game I lifted her up and let her stand on the machine also so she could throw that one ball. Well she ended up falling , even though mommy was holding her and hit her mouth and nose. We rushed her out to the ER since she had lots of blood coming out her nose and mouth and they were pretty swollen. Thank God there was no real damage done to her teeth. They said there might be a small fracture to her nose. They didn't want to run a a-scan cause the found that people who have them done are at a 2% chance of having cancer.( Yeah that's nice to know) So today we had to have our first visit to the dentist. The took an x-ray and found no damage done under the gums. Her one tooth does look darker than the others so he said to keep an eye on it . It might turn black and fall out. Thank God they are baby teeth. We go back next Monday for a follow up to check on the teeth. So later Sunday evening we had a picnic with our friends and their life group from church. We were not going to take Teagen but she was doing better and we figured we would just keep a very close eye on her and not let her play too rough. We had a great time and met lots of new people.
I hope all of you had a much better weekend. It has been in the 100's for the last 2 days and hopefully tomorrow should be the last day in the 100's then back to the 90's. I can't believe it is so hot so soon. Hopefully not a look into what the summer is going to be like.
Have a great week!


Shelly said...

I was just getting ready to call you when I read your post. I am so glad Teagen's teeth are ok. We've been praying for her. Kimberly said we needed to pray for her at dinner tonight. So sweet! Hope we'll see you tomorrow!

proud mommy in PA said...

oh lord give her kisses for us and i am glad that it is all ok. nice to know about the catscan considering i got one done preg. what a wonderful world we live in. keep me updated on her hopefully all is well, love you all.

Mary said...

I know when I was prego they wanted to catscan and MRI but the hospital recommend against both b/c of defects that can happen also. Remember, accidents happen and she will be ok is the most important part. Hold on tighter next time mommy! just kidding to make you laugh : )