Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Carpet, AGAIN!!

Last August we had to get new carpet installed in our apartment due to a strong cat urine smell. We know it was not made by our cat and it came out after our carpet got wet by a leak in the chimney. So instead of just replaceing the carpet in the one small area they replaced the whole downstairs.
Well this afternoon after church I went in to sit on the couch and relax for a few minutes while Scott ate lunch( then I was supposed to cut his hair) and I noticed tha tthe carpet was soaked. I first thought the girls spilled something or someone had a accident there. I smelled it and it smelled musty. I then mentioned it to Scott and he said that Payten told him yesterday that sissy spilled her juice. SO he cleaned it but it should not be soaked. We then started to investigate. We found the carpet completely soaked from behind it by the wall out about 2-3 feet. So we called the maintenance man and he didn't answer his phone so we investigated further. We found that there was no water under the fridge but there was some along the wall under the oven.
So I saw that the maintenance man was home so I walked down and he was home so I filled him in. He then came up and we found that the line to the ice machine had a leak. It must have been leaking for a while. I did notice a week or 2 ago that the ice machine was not working as it used to. I mentioned it to Scott and we both just blew it off. So now they have to come in here tomorrow and replace the entire carpet in the living room. So of course some of our plans for this afternoon got cancelled.
Hopefully I will get back into a routine and blog more often. I want to share with all of you our Father's Day.


MamaofThree said...

Hello there!

I noticed that you stopped by my blog awhile back, before I took a long pregnancy sobatical. I just wanted to let you know that I am attempting to come back to the blogging world, if my newborn will let me! Hope you'll come back and visit me again!


Elizabeth F. said...

I wish I lived in an apt and could get some new carpet for free! LOL! I need some soooooooooo bad.

proud mommy in PA said...

hey hon good luck with that and dito on needing the new carpet. have fun moving all that stuff again . lol

Patience said...

Well said.