Thursday, June 5, 2008


It has been so hot here. Today it was 99 degrees and humid. We spent all morning in the pool then went back after supper. We plan on going back tomorrow morning with our friends. It is nice that is so warm cause now the pool water is warm also. At 6:10 pm I looked at the thermometer and it said 97. Right now it is still warm out but not so humid. They say it is supposed to continue to be 99 till Sunday and then Monday down to " a cool" 92. I hope that this is not a look into what the summer is going to be like. Hope it warms up in PA for all of you so you can finally enjoy the pools. Well I guess I gotta go and help put the little ones to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mary said...

it's gonna be humid and hot here in PA this weekend- at least you are lucky enough to have a pool we got rid of ours, I regret that now.

LYLAS and miss ya ! Give the girls kisses and hugs. Hope everything is going good your way.