Friday, June 13, 2008

Forrest Fire

As many of you have already heard, just East of Rocky Mount around the Pocosin Lakes there is a Forrest fire that started probably about a week ago after lightening struck ground. They are still fighting it. Well for the last few days the wind changed directions to the west and is pushing the smoke our way. Yesterday my hubby called and told me that I probably wouldn't want to take the kids out due to the smoke and smell. At his work, about 7 miles South of our house, the building was filled with the smoke. But here at our house you couldn't even smell it. SO our friends came over and we had a pool party.
Then this morning they were to come over again at 10. I took my dog out to go potty at 9 and the air was filled with smoke. You would have thought that the fire was closer than a few hundred miles. So we had to cancel our pool get together and meet at McDonald's instead. The kids always love playing there. They say that tonight should be the last for now that the smoke will be blowing our way. I sure hope so.

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