Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well we finally found a trick to getting our youngest to eat most of the times. Tonight we were eating ravioli's and T was doing pretty good eating in the beginning and then about half way done she stopped eating. So mommy and daddy took turns putting a ravioli on her fork and telling her not to eat it cause it was ours to eat and then she would eat it. Sissy started to get jealous and stopped eating so we had to start doing that with her. They both ate all of their food and made us very happy.


Elizabeth F. said...

You know you are dealing with a strong will when they do the exact opposite of what you want them to do! LOL!

Do whatever works!

Shelly said...

He tricksters!

Mary said...

I have tried that and Yes it works well. Mea is the picky eater, Tiana eats everything. Hope you are all doing well and Teagen's ok. MISS YA'LL

Anonymous said...

That sure was cute. You two are getting smart.
Love Mom