Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This past weekend we went home to PA for a wedding. My cousin got married and Payten and I were in it. It was a beautiful wedding. We all had a great time. At the rehearsal Payten refused to go down the aisle without holding my hand. I expected her to be that way cause of her being so shy. So after the rehearsal we went to the fire hall and decorated and had pizza. It was fun. So then the next day I went and got my hair done up at 9 and dropped P off at my cousins to do her hair. My hair was absolutely pathetic. I went back to pick up P and had my cousin fix my hair. P's hair was beautiful. After on our way to go back to my mom's to put on make-up before heading to the church to get dressed I told P that if she did a good job and walked down the aisle ahead of me and dropped the rose pedals that we would take her to the store and get her a new barbie. Of course then she says" and some candy" so I of course agreed. I know some of you are like oh my she bribed her child. But I wanted this wedding to go like my cousin wished. She has been wanting to get married and start a family for so long and so she deserved it. Anyways it worked. She walked down throwing flower pedals and didn't look once to see if I was behind her. Then when she got up in front of the pastor she turned the basket upside down and hit the bottom to get the rest of the pedals out. Boy was that a laugh. So the wedding went great and so did the pics.
The reception was a blast. They had cold meat sandwiches, chicken wings, mac salad, shrimp salad, veggie trays, baked beans and pistachio salad. It was a pretty good meal even if different than a normal Northern reception. We danced all night and of course drank. We had to be cleaned up and out by 9pm. So we took the girls back to my mom's house and got them ready for bed and then we headed out to a bar to meet up with the bride and groom and few others from the wedding. It was a fun and relaxing night.
The trip up and back from PA went good but rainy. We headed up on Thursday and came home Monday night. It was a great visit but definitely too short. I was glad to see some relatives from NY that I haven't seen in ages and got to see my cousins new baby who is only a month old. So here are a few pics from the wedding.


Mary said...

Gina you are soo beautiful! so are your girls! Glad you had fun. Next time you come up we have to get together (me,you and the guys) and go out to shoot pool and drink have fun. talk to ya later luv ya miss ya! Hope you had a good mothers day.

Elizabeth F. said...

Such cute pics! I love your hair too.

Oh P.S. There is another thing at the YMCA for kids. Splash Party on May 28th 10-12noon. Games, Crafts, Picnic Lunch (they provide). Bring Towel and Sunscreen, splash appropriate clothing and shoes, no flip-flops. $5

I knew I'd forget to tell you if I didn't write it on your blog. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the wedding are really nice. I wish I could've seen Payten dump the flowers out of the basket. I was wondering what the Minester ment that He didn't see anybody do that before. That was real cute. She probly thought she had to get rid of all the rose peddles.
Love Mom

Jara said...

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