Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight when my hubby was putting our oldest(31/2 yr old) to bed he said to her " can you give me a hug" and her response was " YOU give ME a hug". He told me wow my 3 yr old woke me up.
Sometimes we as parents want our children to show us that they love us, we don't really realize that our children need us to show them our love at all times. We shouldn't expect them to show us love. I know there are times when I start to feel bad cause my kids aren't giving me hugs and kisses more often than I want. But I need to remember that I know that my kids love me but they need me to show them my unconditional love all the time. We do cherish those times when our children come up to us and give us an extra big hug and kiss out of the blue and say " I love you".


Elizabeth F. said...

So true! We totally need to keep on loving even when they don't seem to receive it well or even want it. Fast forward to teenage years, when kids don't want hugs and kisses. WE have to keep doing it anyway and maybe even find a few new ways to show them that we love them. Same is true for our spouses as well.

Just imagine what would happen to us if God gave up showing His love for us just because it was not returned. We'd be a serious trouble!

proud mommy in PA said...

you make a very good point that i am sure most parent not even our own think about. keep giving your love to those 2 beautiful girls and give some for me.

love you all