Thursday, May 29, 2008


Tonight when my hubby was putting our oldest(31/2 yr old) to bed he said to her " can you give me a hug" and her response was " YOU give ME a hug". He told me wow my 3 yr old woke me up.
Sometimes we as parents want our children to show us that they love us, we don't really realize that our children need us to show them our love at all times. We shouldn't expect them to show us love. I know there are times when I start to feel bad cause my kids aren't giving me hugs and kisses more often than I want. But I need to remember that I know that my kids love me but they need me to show them my unconditional love all the time. We do cherish those times when our children come up to us and give us an extra big hug and kiss out of the blue and say " I love you".

Braswell Library- Summer Reading Party

Join Us for the
Wednesday, June 11th, from 10 AM - 2 PM!
Braswell Library, Rocky Mount , NC

THE SIGN-UP FOR SUMMER READING BEGINS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th! Come to the Youth Services Department'sSUMMER READING KICK-OFF PARTYand register for"CATCH THE READING BUG" The 2008 Summer Reading Program The Summer Reading Kick-Off Party will be held from 10am-2pm on Wednesday, June 11th on the back lawn and pavilion area of the library. All ages welcome! Come see Rocky the Reading Rabbit, Ronald McDonald, Muddy the Mudcat, the Chick-Fil-A Cow, Gardner's Barbecue, Sparky the Firedog, McGruff the Crime dog, Sensory Safari Mobile Exhibit, a stilt walker, a magician, and Bubbles the Clown. Enjoy snacks, games, prizes, and lots more ! SUMMER READING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION CATEGORIESREAD-TO-ME GROUP: This group has parents, caregivers or older siblings read to them - children choose a prize book after they have had thirty(30) books read to them

ELEMENTARY READER GROUP: These children read on their own - when they have read fifteen (15) books they may choose a prize bookYOUNG ADULT GROUP: YA's read either young adult level books or adult books - when they have read ten(10) books they may choose a prize book
For more information, contact the
Youth Services Department at 252-442-1951

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LA Police Gear

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!!

I hope everyone had a great and fun filled Memorial Day weekend. We had a great weekend. Scott's dad and Karen came to spend the weekend with us. On Saturday it was raining in the morning so we had to redo our plans, so in the afternoon the men went and played golf while us women took a nap and prepared for an afternoon cookout. I also babysat our good friends 3 kids while they went out to celebrate their 9 yrs of marriage. Congratulations Elizabeth and John!
We went to the pool swam and grilled then had a picnic right there.
On Sunday we went to church came back to our house ate lunch and then we took Scott's dad and Karen to City Lake Park to walk and feed the ducks. It was so cute since a lot of the ducks and geese had their babies with them. The parents left to head home from their and we came back home for nap time. After that we chilled and then took the kids to Sonics to play. We then headed to Harris Teeter to get our 5 for $5 Capri drinks.

Monday we had a blast at the pool with our 2 set of friends and their families. The men grilled bbq chicken and us women layed out and watched the kids swim. We had a great lunch, bbq chicken, mac salad, bacon ranch potatoes, chips and of course desert, a flag cake, rice crispy treats and Yogurt pie. It was delicious!! After we all got in the pool and layed out. You could not ask for a better day to spend with great friends!! We love you guys!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We had a nice big ole storm here yesterday. I have been in many thunderstorms but this was completely different. We knew it was coming by the black skys but we were not ready for the sky to open up and just dump rain and hail on us. We had hail the size of quarters and under. It was hitting the windows so hard my girls were crying and I was even shook up. It looked like we had about an inch of snow on the ground at the end of it. Then the thunder and lightning was horrible. I seeriously was ready for a Tornado. Thank God that didn't happen. Well I got a few pics to share.

Sleep without children!

I do not understand our children. First we went through them not sleeping and waking all night long crying, we got that taken care of. Then it was them coming over and crawling in our double bed with us. I went for about 2 weeks either sleeping in their bedrooms or on the floor in our room with them, plus I was lucky to get about 4 hours of sleep each night. After 2 weeks they finally got on a schedule and stayed in their beds all night. Now we are back to them crawling in bed with us. My hubby is cranky cause he is not getting enough sleep and is so tired. I get cranky because I get less sleep and then have to deal with cranky kids all day cause they are not getting enough sleep. I know I am going to have to go for another 2 weeks with back pain and no sleep to get them back in their beds. Anyone have any other ideas?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This past weekend we went home to PA for a wedding. My cousin got married and Payten and I were in it. It was a beautiful wedding. We all had a great time. At the rehearsal Payten refused to go down the aisle without holding my hand. I expected her to be that way cause of her being so shy. So after the rehearsal we went to the fire hall and decorated and had pizza. It was fun. So then the next day I went and got my hair done up at 9 and dropped P off at my cousins to do her hair. My hair was absolutely pathetic. I went back to pick up P and had my cousin fix my hair. P's hair was beautiful. After on our way to go back to my mom's to put on make-up before heading to the church to get dressed I told P that if she did a good job and walked down the aisle ahead of me and dropped the rose pedals that we would take her to the store and get her a new barbie. Of course then she says" and some candy" so I of course agreed. I know some of you are like oh my she bribed her child. But I wanted this wedding to go like my cousin wished. She has been wanting to get married and start a family for so long and so she deserved it. Anyways it worked. She walked down throwing flower pedals and didn't look once to see if I was behind her. Then when she got up in front of the pastor she turned the basket upside down and hit the bottom to get the rest of the pedals out. Boy was that a laugh. So the wedding went great and so did the pics.
The reception was a blast. They had cold meat sandwiches, chicken wings, mac salad, shrimp salad, veggie trays, baked beans and pistachio salad. It was a pretty good meal even if different than a normal Northern reception. We danced all night and of course drank. We had to be cleaned up and out by 9pm. So we took the girls back to my mom's house and got them ready for bed and then we headed out to a bar to meet up with the bride and groom and few others from the wedding. It was a fun and relaxing night.
The trip up and back from PA went good but rainy. We headed up on Thursday and came home Monday night. It was a great visit but definitely too short. I was glad to see some relatives from NY that I haven't seen in ages and got to see my cousins new baby who is only a month old. So here are a few pics from the wedding.