Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well I finally got the call this morning, Payten has been accepted into the Pre-K class this fall. Scott and I have decided on doing the 3 day instead of the 5 day. We are not quite sure she is ready for a full 5 day all day class. I am excited that she will be going. I hope this will help her shyness a great deal. SH e never wants to talk to anyone she hasn't been around for a long time.

Also a update on her appointments. Today was the last appt with the phyciatrist. She suggest on her taking a all natural sleep pill- Melatonin. We are going to give it a try for a few days and see how it helps her with her sleeping. I feel alot better with her taking something all natural than the other meds. At least also with this med it dissolves in her drink and has no taste, so no more forcing her to take a liquid med that tastes nasty even with the flavoring in it. So wish us luck and keep her in your prayers.


Mary said...

aww pre k class huh. I am probably going to ball my eyes out when it comes time for Kindergarten. I will keep Payten in our prayers and give her and Teagen kisses from all of us : P "smooch" hope this does the trick for her. miss you all

Elizabeth F. said...

Yay! for free Pre-K. Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

I hope pre-k works out for Her. She seems to young to go to pre-k. I hope the new medicine works for Payten, for her sake & your's. I will keep Her in my Prayers.
Love Mom