Thursday, April 3, 2008

Night Out

Friday night our church was having a "Parents Night Out". You could drop your kids off from 6-10pm and the cost for 2 children was$15.00. Of course we had to take advantage. So our neighbors and us dropped our kids off at 7pm and then we headed out for supper. We all decided to go to Chili's. The were so busy of course with it being a Friday night. So it took us 2 hours at dinner. Then we thought we would head over to this place called "Putt Putt" it was an indoor mini golf and games. Well we sent the guys in to check it out cause from looking in it looked like a big game room for kids and we were not all that impressed. So they came back out and my hubby asks" Do you think the outdoor mini golf is open yet?" I wasn't exactly sure but it has been pretty nice out so we drove over and sure enough they were open. Well the guys immediately spot the batting cages. SO we ended up watching them for about 10 mins and then we headed over to the golf. We were at the 10th hole when I checked my phone( again for about the 100th time) and saw that it was 9:40. SO of course we had to pick up the kids at 10. So we flew throughout the rest of the 8 holes. Then the neighbor guy heads to the batting cages. He just had to see how fast the balls went in the 65 MPH cage. So we get to the kids with 3 mins to spare. There sure were alot of kids left. Well the kids had a great time and so did we. They are planning another one for the first Friday in May. So we have to gather all our Friends this time and have another blast.


Mary said...

parents night out is a good idea and good for your relationship too. Jim and I went out for my Bday Friday night and the kids stayed at pappys overnite for the first time. it's relaxing having a night out once and awhile- sounds like you had fun : )

Anonymous said...

It was nice you two got to go out without the kids. I'm glad you had a good time. You sure lucky to have met a lot of nice people.
Love Mom