Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hair cut

Well for about 5 days hubby was begging me to cut his hair and every night something came up, so I was unable to do it. Finally Sunday night I was able to cut it. I was tired and not in the mood to be cutting hair but I did it anyways. Well I cut it alittle shorter cause of it getting warmer out and he said to. Well when he went to look at it he was not happy. You see he has a really bad cowlick in the back of his head , right in the middle. So if his hair is too short it sticks up. Well when you cut everything else short you can't leave just that section long. SO When I cut it short it stuck up all over. He said to me " I am tired of looking like a 2yr old " So I said go sit back down I am buzzing it. He just looked at me. Well the way I look at it, IF you don't want to pay and get it done the Be happy with the way I cut it. Something is always wrong with it or he is trying to explain to me how to cut it.( I have been doing this for him now for over 6 years) So he sat down and I buzzed all of it and gave him really short bangs to match it. He was shocked. He said" I look just like my dad" which was true. His dad has a similar hair cut. He told some of the guys he works with that he lost a bet. hahaha. I guess he better not complain too much again.


Anonymous said...

It was funny reading about Scott's haircut. Did you tell him that He not only looks like His Dad, He is getting older like His Dad. Ha ha ha!!!!! Tell him I still love Him.
Love Mom

Sarah said...

I cut Tim's hair once... and it was the first and last time I'll ever cut his hair. ha ha.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL that's a good one! My boys never complain, but if they ever do, I'll use that one on them!