Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a day!

Ohhhh today was a doozie. We got up at 830 and started to get around to go with my BF to the mall. It took me forever to get the girls to cooperate and get dressed. Then all they wanted to do was play. My oldest informed me before we left the house that she did not want to go shopping. I should have seen it all coming from there. They gave me a rough day. Between screaming, crying, not listening, and picking on each other, I can not take much more. I really feel for single mother's. Even though they usually work and are not with their children 24/7, I now know what it is like not having a partner right there helping you. I am here with my family but I am the one caring for the kids and in charge most of the time. I decided that tomorrow I am taking a few hours to myself and going to walmart to pick up a few things and to drop off a baby gift to my cousin. I can not take another 2 days without some timeout for myself.
I can not believe tomorrow is Thursday. It's hard to believe in 2 days we'll be headin for home. Then it will be another 2 months before I am home again. It is way too long in between but what can you do. I thought I could try and talk my mom into coming in April and spending a week with us but they just moved her dad into their home and so she is taking care of him and possible moving her mother here also in the next week or so. She is one amazing busy women. Well I gotta get to bed. It was a long, busy, stressful day. Good night everyone.

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