Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring or Summer?

I am trying to guess if we are going to have Spring or go right into Summer. It was 86 degrees today. It was so nice but HOT. It was warming up slowly all week starting with the mid 70s. It is now 11:05pm and 79 degrees in my dining room. I am so hot I am about to step outside to try and cool off. I do have to say it will be nice to see a low electric bill this month since we have not been running our heat and have been hanging out our clothes. I only wish the pool had water in it right now.
Babysitting is going great. H spends most of her time here even when her parents are home. I thought she would get enough of us being here all day. Payten loves to play with her, especially outside. The 3 girls sure keep me busy. That's why I have not been very good at keeping up my blogging. ( Sorry mom)
Today we went to the hot tub with my friend E and her son. The girls loved it. Poor Z didn't want to get in cause it was too hot for him. He wanted to get into the pool but no water in it yet. After we ate lunch and had a nap. Tonight we went with the family that I babysit for to Sonics for supper and the kids played. When we got there Scott says"look who else is here", It was E and her family. The kids all played together and had a great time. Eventually we all got started into a volleyball game. Unfortunately we did not get to enjoy ourselves for long since Teagen had to be held and Payten was flipping out over the bugs. She got bit last summer by fire ants and had over 50 bites on her feet and ankles, now she is scarred to death of all bugs. I feel so bad for her. I tried to explain that the bugs that were out tonight were not going to hurt her but I just could not beat the fear out. Hopefully she will out grow it or it is going to be a long summer spent mostly indoors. So we brought the girls home and put them to bed. And now Scott is watching a scary movie with J( our new neighbor) in the living room. Since I hate scary movies I am in a different room on the puter. Trying to catch up on alot of things I have missed this week. Well hopefully everyone out there has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Too bad it is so hot there!!!!!! Ha ha it isn't that hot here. I'm glad babysitting is going great, I sort of woried it would be too much for you. I will foregive you this time for not Blogging too much.
Your Dad still didn't hook up my hot tub. I really could use it now taking care of Dad.
It was nice you could go to Sonic with your new neighbors.
Love Mom

Elizabeth F. said...

It was so funny to run into you guys like that at Sonic! Maybe we can all start going on friday nights this Spring/Summer...up until it gets dreadfully hot and we can't go anymore b.c of the heat. LOL!