Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sleeping update

Well the girls are still in their own rooms. We decided 2 weeks ago not to turn on their night lights to see how they would do. The first week it was rough on them and they didn't like not having the lights on. Now they are fine with it and even complain that we leave the hall light on till they go to sleep. They have been taking turns getting up every night. It's like they don't want me to get used to sleeping all night again. On Wednesday night they both slept all night till 6:15 am then crawled in bed with me till 8. The Thursday it was Teagen's turn to get up. Only one time, thank God, for bout 10 mins. I got her a drink and then put her right back in her bed then I crawled in mine. Then no one got up till 7:20. Last night I don't know what happened. We woke up at 8 with both girls in bed with us. Neither of us remember them coming over.
It's funny how my body was so used to only getting so much sleep and now that I am getting more sleep I wake up still very tired. My body is not liking going through this change constantly. But I am hoping that this continues and eventually get back to sleeping all night.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are getting a little better. Hopefully they will get even better & you will get reagusted to sleeping & waking up feeling reasted.
Love Mom

Elizabeth F. said...

You will eventually get to sleep again, I promise! Not sure when, but you will. You guys are doing a great job trying to get them on a good sleep schedule. IT will pay off in the end for sure.

Mary said...

Just think, some day in the not so near future, you will look back on all this (you are a wonderful kind and loving mommy )