Friday, March 7, 2008

Payten's appointments

Well I have not been very good at keeping everyone updated on here. It has been a busy week with 3 doctor appointments and getting ready for our week stay up in PA with our family. So let me update you on Payten and her appointments.
On Monday she had her Dial 3 testing for Pe-K. OF course she refused to talk to the lady giving the test, so she was unable to completely test her on what she knows. That can be good, since they take the kids first with the lowest scores and her score was only 5%. We know she knows alot more than that. So in 3 weeks we will find out if she gets accepted. Then on Monday she also had her appointment with a physciatrist. She played while I did all the talking. The lady was very nice and I really liked her. She thinks Payten is having night terrors more than anything so she prescribed a med for her to take before bed to help keep the night terrors away. It has been fun trying to get her to take the meds but it does seem to help her sleep all night. She tries this for a month then we go back. Next on Tuesday we had the appointment with the ear, nose, throat doct. he was confused at why they sent her to him since her sleep apnea numbers were very low. So he found nothing wrong with her tonsils so he does not want to remove them. Thank God! But I am glade we went there since he did discover that her r-r numbers on her cardio form the sleep study was too far apart for her age. So on the 18th it is off to a pediatric cardiologists. They just called this morning and I have to take her on the 17th for an EKG. What fun!
I feel so bad for her to have to go through all this at such an early age. But if there is something wrong I would rather find out now and get it fixed. She is doing fine with all these appointments and tests. I think she likes it since she gets spoiled by all the docs. Well that is the latest update on her.

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Sarah said...

I still can't believe that Payten is old enough to be in pre-school. Time has gone by so fast. I think it will be a great opportunity for her though. Hopefully the specialists will be able to figure out her sleep issues soon.