Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here in PA

Well I finally arrived at my parents house at 11 pm. We met friends of ours in Virgina at the Potomac Mill Mall. Boy was that a huge mall and outlets. They had some awesome sales going on. We went to The Children's Place outlet, I got 6 shirts and a pair of fleece pants for $14.oo. They had all of their winter clothes for 3.99and under. I almost couldn't stop shopping.
While we were shopping our oldest started to look and act like she was not feeling so good. She refused to eat and went to sleep on Mommies lap instead. When she woke I realized she was running a fever. Of course she is on of those who refused to take meds so you have to fight with them to take it. Well we couldn't exactly fight with her in the middle of the mall so we waited till we got to the car. I felt so bad for her. The poor girl was so sick. When we finally left the mall and headed for PA she slept almost for 3 hours. Which is not like her to do in the car anymore. We'll by the time we got to the end of our trip she was feeling alittle better. Thank God she is feeling much better today.
I on the other hand should of know better to come here in March. Boy is it cold here and windy. It is only in the 30's with 40 mph winds. I miss my 70 degree weather. Today we went to a birhtday party and in a little bit our family is coming over for supper and to visit with us. I am right now trying to get our littlest one to nap but not going so great. Shehad a 20 min nap on the way here from the party. Well I will keep everyone updated on our trip. I really have no set plans, just to visit, relax and help my mom reorganize her office. Have a great week.

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Elizabeth F. said...

Glad you are having a good time! Glad Payten is feeling better too. It's in the 70's here for the next 3 days. Yay!

I dropped off my stuff at the Consignment sale and Lord do they have TONS of stuff. Like 4 x as much as last year it looked like. I'm going tomorrow night b.c I am a consignor. I stayed up until 1am this morning pricing. he..he..

So, you'll have to go when you get back. Oh-I had my root canal as well. It wasn't too too bad. I survived anyways. I have to go back and have it finished though in 2 weeks.

Talk to you soon! Have fun!