Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I started babysitting our new neighbors little girl. She is 2 months older than Payten. She is so sweet. Like all 3 yr olds she loves to tease all of us. She is so polite and always does as I ask her to do. The girls are loving having someone over at the house everyday to play with.
Today I took them to McDonald's to play along with our friends and their kids. I had 3 people ask me if Payten and her were twins. I never really took notice how much the 2 girls look alike. The are not even relatives. One gentleman was completely amazed at how much they look alike and are not even related.
The last 2 days I have had to drag all the girls with me to doctor appts for Payten. The girls were so bored but listened very well to me. So we are all excited to be able to stay at home and play for the rest of the week. Tomorrow it is supposed to be close to 77 degrees out so I am hoping to play outside most of the morning.
I am so glad to finally be doing what I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I am able to watch kids in my home, teach them and give them a home daycare with attention that they need. Also I get to earn my own income to help out with expenses, now I feel like I am contributing to the income. Soon I will be able to be able to go shopping with out feeling guilty.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad babysitting is working out good for you. I'm glad the girls like having someone to play with. I would like to see a picture of the little girl that looks like Payten.
I hope you have fun playing outside. It is suppose to be 53 here. It will be nice to have your own money.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

We're so PROUD OF YOU, SWEETIE! What you're doing is surely Blessed of Our Lord. You have a lot of Love and Caring in your heart and you're showing that to these little ones while their parents are at work. Both the parents of these little ones and the children are truely blessed to be in Your care. Love, Mom B.

Sarah said...

I'm so happy to hear that babysitting is going so well. You are going to do an excellent job. Their mother was incredibly blessed to find you.

Mary said...

Taking care of kids is the perfect job for you! You are wonderful with them. Good luck and congrats! I wish I could do something like that and spend more time with the kids while they are little. I already miss just snuggling them, they don't want me to do that any more : (

Elizabeth F. said...

I'm also so glad that it is working out for you! I know you have prayed for this for quite some time. Haley is so cute..just like your girls are. Hope you had a nice Easter!