Saturday, February 2, 2008


It was so nice and warm out today, the family decided to go for a nice long walk on the trail. We walked about 1 mile to a park and let the kids play. Of course we can't do anything without an incident. Teagen was running across the concrete to get to her sister when she tripped. Her tooth went through( not completely) her upper lip and she scraped up her upper lip. Poor baby just screamed and cryed forever. It took a long time to get the bleeding to stop. Now she has a fat lip. She is always getting hurt. After they finished playing at the park, we took a screaming kid and a calm kid and started the 1 mile hike back to the car. It was a very nice walk. The entire trail is 3 1/2 miles long going through 4 different parks, woods and along the Tar River. We will be walking the whole thing as soon as it gets a bit warmer out. It was low 60's today but very sunny. Felt great to get us and the girls out and to get some exercise.

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