Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went to our MOPS group yesterday and we had a guest speaker. She is coordinator for PAT- Parents as Teachers. This is a program supported by the Schools here and NC smart start. She gave us so much information it was overwhelming. I was actually very excited to learn about these programs they offer. And they are all FREE. They have these playgroups where you drop your child off for an hour or two( can't remember how long exactly) and all they ask is that the parent stay and play one day a month. This is a learning play group for all ages 2-5 years old. i believe for Teagen's age it will only be 1 day a week and Payten would be 3 days a week.
Also for 4 year old they have a Pre-K that is offered at different locations, most in a school. That is for 6 1/2 hours a day. you have to fill out an application. Which I have almost finished. Its scary thinking that in a year and a half Payten starts School. I feel she will be ready to start when she is 5 but in NC you don't have to start your child till they are 7. I really love the idea of Payten being able to go to pre-k for free. Most pre-k here are only a few days a week for 3 hours and cost like $125 or more a month.
So now we have to return the application and then Payten will be tested and then we will see if she gets accepted or not. If not then I will enroll her in the playgroup. Cross your fingers that she gets in. I would like for her to have this opportunity. She just thrives on learning. Also to better prepare her for kindergarten.

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Anonymous said...

The girls seem too young to think about learning play groups. 4 year olds going to Pre-K seems to young. School will come soon enough. If you don't have to send them to school until they are 7, then why do they have Pre-K at age 4?