Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is an awesome site that you can order all your paintball items. The store is called Ultimate Paintball. They sell Small Parts, Dye, Empire & Draxxus paintball gear. Also they have many different paintball packages, upgrades for Tippmann, Ion, Spyder & Proto Rail. You can also find to buy- masks, hoppers, barrels, air systems, harnesses, tactical vests, playing apparel, tubes, gun cases, sights, paintballs, cleaners & oils. Their best selling guns are Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 custom, Small Parts Ion, and Spyder Pilot ACS. spyder vs3
The great thing is that any order over $99 they will ship UPS for free in the US. So if you love to paintball and either need the equipment or even need to upgrade go visit their site for all your paintball needs.
I have never played paintball but my brother and all his friends did and they loved to play. I wish I had the opportunity to play cause it truly seems like fun. Here is their website so you can go and get what you need.

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