Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Week

Well tonite marks the one week of the girls having their own bedrooms. So far so good. They are still not sleeping through the nite. Before when they were in the same room they would take at least an hour to fall asleep. Now they are sleeping in under 30 mins. Payten is only waking once a nite and the same for Teagen. I am still waiting for them to sleep through the nite. It has been a little rough trying to make sure that when they wake up they go back to their bed and not to our bedroom. I have been very tired but trying to stick to it. With the exception of this morning. Ended up being all 4 of us in a double bed at 6am. Yes a double bed! We'll eventually get to a queen size bed. keep praying that this change will continue to work out.


Reeva said...
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Mary said...

I was told this once by a very good family friend - a big bed just creates more space between you and your husband...keep yourselves closer and get only a queen not a king size bed : ) The large space just keeps you further apart

Elizabeth F. said...

I'm not sure I agree with Mary. I think either you like to cuddle or you don't. If you are crammed into a small bed, you are just irritable with someone touching you b/c you can't get comfy or you love it. If you are in a big bed, you can have your space if you want it, but if you like to cuddle you probably will. I'd say that a TV in the bedroom probably does more harm to intimacy than the size of your bed, but that's just my opinion. BUT I just got a King sized bed, so maybe I'm biased. LOL!