Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little bit of everything.

Today I really don't have any one thing to blog about. I just felt like blogging and nothing really new going on. Hubby and I went outside to see the lunar eclipse. it is pretty cloudy here so we couldn't see much. I remember watching 3 yrs ago when Payten was only 6 months old. It is something neat to watch.
Tonight we watched our friends's 2 kids. B is almost 5 and K is almost 2. So with 4 kids under 5 in our house it was so quiet. I couldn't believe it. Our friends's kids are naturally quiet here but not ours. I told Scott that if 4 kids were always this quiet we would have to think about expanding our family by 2 instead of 1. Right now I would have to insane to expand by any number.
I have finally been approved to be a payperpostie. I have yet to find a post to post about. Hoping to bring in alittle extra income this way. Also I have been clipping away at coupons and trying to hit the sales. Thanks to my friends they keep my posted on the sites for coupons and where the deals are. I have such great friends down here. It is amazing the different people GOD gives you in your life.
I sat here and thought about how different our friends here in NC are so different from those in PA. They are all great friends to us. I am deeply thankful for all our friends and family GOD have given us.
I am counting down the days till we go home. Tomorrow will be 16 days. It is going to be hard being away from hubby for a full week and it will be harder for him since he will be without me and the girls. I am excited to be going home. We have not been home since Christmas.
Well hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are finally approved to be a payperpostie. When we first looked for the lunar eclipse, we couldn't see it because it was cloudy. We keep checking & it got real clear. Your Dad & me saw the eclipse. We kept watching it off & on. It was real nice to see.
Love Mom

Mary said...

You know I have not found any friend like you. You are a hard friend to be without : ( I keep thinking to myself I should have made more time in my schedule to spend w/you guys before you moved. Let me know when you come up and we are definately doing something even if it's just vegging out somewhere LOL

Miss ya'll