Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wednesday night my hubby and I went to a connection class at church. It was on marriage. This was the first class we ever went to. The girls went into their own classes while we were in ours. It was very interesting. The had a couple talk about their marriage of 31 years then they showed a video on a person doing a marriage seminar at another church. It was very interesting. Boy did the video have everyone laughing throughout it. He talked about how in your marriage God comes first, then each other, then children, and then family. That is when I realized where my mistake is. I am always putting our children before my spouse. I know in a lot of instances I have to but not all the time. So that is something I need to work on. Also I have to realize that during the day when hubby is working the kids get my attention all day so then when hubby gets home from work I need to give him a lot of attention also. I always told hubby that I felt he should put the kids before me but he doesn't always. It gave us a lot of insight on our marriage, even though we have been married for almost 9 years. It never hurts to get others advice or see their ways.
You never realize before marriage how much work you really need to put into marriage to make it work. I would have never thought of it when I was single. I always thought hey you fall in love, get married and live happily ever after and everything always fell into place. I know my parents tried to drill it into me about how hard you have to work at marriage to make it work most of the time. But as an 18 yr old, I knew it all or most of it. I am so glad my parents raised me the way they did. They taught me to never give up and work at things till they are right. Also to fight for what you believe in. I know that without their constant love and showing me the right directions in life I would never be where I am today. Thank you Dad and Mom. I love you!
So if you are having a rough time in your marriage DON"T GIVE UP. Keep working at it. Look to God and family for support. It will all work out in the end. And if it comes down to it then see a counselor. You are not a failer if you go in that direction, whether you are man or woman. You are not weak either if that is the help you need to help make it work and get over the bad bumps in the road. When you get married you go from 2 to 1. Even though you are still individuals. As God says , do not let man separate that as I have joined together as one.


I went to our MOPS group yesterday and we had a guest speaker. She is coordinator for PAT- Parents as Teachers. This is a program supported by the Schools here and NC smart start. She gave us so much information it was overwhelming. I was actually very excited to learn about these programs they offer. And they are all FREE. They have these playgroups where you drop your child off for an hour or two( can't remember how long exactly) and all they ask is that the parent stay and play one day a month. This is a learning play group for all ages 2-5 years old. i believe for Teagen's age it will only be 1 day a week and Payten would be 3 days a week.
Also for 4 year old they have a Pre-K that is offered at different locations, most in a school. That is for 6 1/2 hours a day. you have to fill out an application. Which I have almost finished. Its scary thinking that in a year and a half Payten starts School. I feel she will be ready to start when she is 5 but in NC you don't have to start your child till they are 7. I really love the idea of Payten being able to go to pre-k for free. Most pre-k here are only a few days a week for 3 hours and cost like $125 or more a month.
So now we have to return the application and then Payten will be tested and then we will see if she gets accepted or not. If not then I will enroll her in the playgroup. Cross your fingers that she gets in. I would like for her to have this opportunity. She just thrives on learning. Also to better prepare her for kindergarten.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is an awesome site that you can order all your paintball items. The store is called Ultimate Paintball. They sell Small Parts, Dye, Empire & Draxxus paintball gear. Also they have many different paintball packages, upgrades for Tippmann, Ion, Spyder & Proto Rail. You can also find to buy- masks, hoppers, barrels, air systems, harnesses, tactical vests, playing apparel, tubes, gun cases, sights, paintballs, cleaners & oils. Their best selling guns are Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 custom, Small Parts Ion, and Spyder Pilot ACS. spyder vs3
The great thing is that any order over $99 they will ship UPS for free in the US. So if you love to paintball and either need the equipment or even need to upgrade go visit their site for all your paintball needs.
I have never played paintball but my brother and all his friends did and they loved to play. I wish I had the opportunity to play cause it truly seems like fun. Here is their website so you can go and get what you need.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun & Learning

Here is something that my brother and I used to do all the time when we were kids. It is called the rubber egg. Here is what you'll need....

Fill the glass half way with viniger. Now place the egg in it. Just a plain egg. Wait for 10 days and when you take the egg out of the viniger the egg with be rubber. This is completely true. My brother and I would try everything to break the rubber eggs and could never accomplish that. you can throw them and drop them and they will survive it. It was always cool watching them transform into rubber. Give a try and then leave me a comment on how well it worked and what you thought of it.

Payten's Sleep study

Yes I finally got the results, after I called the doctors office. They actually did not have th results so they had to call the specialist and have them faxed over to them. Well it is not what I wanted to hear. She has a mild sleep apnea. That is when their breathing is interrupted while they are sleeping. It can be caused by a few different things. Our next step is to take her to see a ear,throat,nose specialist. Hopefully it will end up being her tonsals or adnoids being in larged. They can be fixed with surgery. I will definitely keep you all updated. I hope they figure something out soon. I don't know how much longer mommy and daddy can keep on getting a few hours of sleep a night. I know I am going to head up to bed very shortly. I had a hard time staying awake all day. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

As for all you people in PA, play alot in the snow for me. I am missing it. Hoping there will be some when I go home in 2 weeks with the girls.

Trip to BAM!

Today we went with E and her boys to Books A Million. I never knew it till she told me but they have an area in the kids section with a Thomas the train track, you know the really big one always set up in Toys R Us, with chairs, coffee tables and of course books all around you. i was going to take the girls to McDonalds to play but when E told me about this I thought better yet. My girls just love to sit and have books read to them.
So we get there and P goes straight for the train set and T straight for the Sesame street stuffed toys. I went and got a Mocha and a book to read while they played. Of course as soon as I sit down both girls are bring books over to me to read to them. We had a great time. I think I must of read about 10 books to them and only part of my book. Which was on parenting. I thought I could get some ideas about them staying in bed all nite. No luck.
After we got done reading we looked around a bit then headed out to go to The Children's Place. I had gotten 2 coupons in the mail for 15% off so I was ready to go shopping. I found jeans with sparkles on them for each girl at $7.99 each and then socks for $.99. I got 2 pair of jeans and 2 pair of socks for $16.30. Boy was I excited. Now on my receipt I can fill out a survey and go back and get 30% off my next purchase. I think I will wait a little bit till they put more items on sale. How I love sales.
After we went ot the food court and got pizza for lunch. Pizza was 1.85 per slice and these where the biggest slices of pizza I have ever gotten from anywhere. One slice could have fed both girls and myself. So it was a very relaxing morning.


Today I am going to tell you a little about PPP (payperpost). I found out about this from a girlfriend of mine, who is also a blogger. What it is is a site where you go and pick categories of things you know about and love. Then you can pick opportunities to blog about certain things. Also you get paid to do this.
For the past 3 years I have been wanting to find a way to make money online while I stay at home with my children. I want to feel like I am contributing to our income. I viewed different ways to work on the internet but most of it was either time consuming or confusing. PPP is so easy that I can find time everyday to post and also spend quality time with my children while contributing to our income.
Also I love the fact that I get to blog about the things I know and love and discover new and exciting things. I am also helping people spread the word about their items and get paid doing it. I plan on saving my money from this to help pay for vacations, birthday parties, hoilday gifts and maybe a few things for myself and hubby that we would normally not buy.

If you are interested in signing up to get paid to post then go to the payperpost button on the right side of my page and it will take you to their site. You get paid $20 for your first post and I get $15 after your first post is excepted. Why not join, you have nothing to lose and it is free.
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A little bit of everything.

Today I really don't have any one thing to blog about. I just felt like blogging and nothing really new going on. Hubby and I went outside to see the lunar eclipse. it is pretty cloudy here so we couldn't see much. I remember watching 3 yrs ago when Payten was only 6 months old. It is something neat to watch.
Tonight we watched our friends's 2 kids. B is almost 5 and K is almost 2. So with 4 kids under 5 in our house it was so quiet. I couldn't believe it. Our friends's kids are naturally quiet here but not ours. I told Scott that if 4 kids were always this quiet we would have to think about expanding our family by 2 instead of 1. Right now I would have to insane to expand by any number.
I have finally been approved to be a payperpostie. I have yet to find a post to post about. Hoping to bring in alittle extra income this way. Also I have been clipping away at coupons and trying to hit the sales. Thanks to my friends they keep my posted on the sites for coupons and where the deals are. I have such great friends down here. It is amazing the different people GOD gives you in your life.
I sat here and thought about how different our friends here in NC are so different from those in PA. They are all great friends to us. I am deeply thankful for all our friends and family GOD have given us.
I am counting down the days till we go home. Tomorrow will be 16 days. It is going to be hard being away from hubby for a full week and it will be harder for him since he will be without me and the girls. I am excited to be going home. We have not been home since Christmas.
Well hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sat Nite

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I have been so tired to even get on here and write. Girls have not been sleeping good at all.
On Sat night Scott and I went out to celebrate V-day. Our good friend Shelly watched the girls for us. We dropped them off at her house at 3:30 then we headed into Raliegh. First we went to a family oriented comedy club. They made you laugh but was definitly not what we expected. After that we went to TGI Fridays for supper. Scott's sister sent us a gift card for there for Christmas and Raleigh is the closes one to us. We had to wait almost 45 mins to get seated then a little longer than usual for our food. The food was excellent. Afterwards we went over to Walmart. We went in to get one thing and we left with 9 items. They had some clothes for the girls on sale so I couldn't pass that up. Since we had that gift card for supper our entire night out only cost us. $26.00. We had such a great nite out. We rarely have a nite out without kids. Thank God for friends like we have down here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I can't believe it. The girls slept all night till 6am . Then they crawled in bed with me and slept till 830. Oh it feels so great to finally get some sleep. That was the first night in ALONG time that I slept for 7 straight hours. The girls are in great moods cause they actually got the sleep their little bodies need. I was so exhausted last night that i layed on the couch after supper and I had a migraine from lack of sleep. What a Valentine's day.
My hubby sent me a dozen red roses. I was absolutely surprised. We agreed not to get each other anything and just have a quiet evening out without the girls on Sat. Of course now I feel horrible since I didn't get him anything but a card. I guess you will have these times. He wanted to even cook supper last night but I had put a roast in the oven. We got Payten Cinderella 2 movie and Teagen a crayola bath suds maker. They both loved there gifts. We are going to try out the suds maker tonight in the tub. I am even anxious to give it a try. Besides the migraine we had a nice night.
What did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Sleepless Night

Well this is exactly why I named my blog what I did. I have not had more than 4 hours asleep at night yet this week or for about 2-3 weeks. Last night Payten woke me at 1 am about an hour after I went to sleep. I got her a drink then I got her back in bed and sleep at about 130. Then they both woke me at 4. Of course since Teagen refused to eat supper last night she was hungry. I gave them both an yogurt. I know not the best thing to give at 4 am but I was so tired I was not able to fight with them. I got them both in bed and Payten was asleep by445 and Teagen at 515. I feel asleep on her bedroom floor. I was tired I could not even sit up. I woke up off and on till Payten woke me again at 7. I got up off the floor finally and attempted to get into my bed. As soon as I walked out of Teagen's room she woke up crying. I took them both over to my bed and attempted to get a few more hours of sleep. I would have been happy for an hour but of course they would not go back to sleep. They watched tv in my room for about 30 mins then they had to go downstairs to get a drink then refused to go back upstairs so mommy could lay down. SO I have been up ever since. I am so tired and worn down i can't do anything. I have managed to throw a pot roast in the oven and do a load of laundry but that is it. I just wish they would sleep through the nite again. I don't know what it is like anymore to get more than 5 hours straight sleep with no interuptions. I try to go to bed early but they must know and get up earlier and even more through the nite. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle

I got a sample of this lotion called Gloves in a Bottle. It is awesome. This lotion is like a shield, it helps keep out irritants such as latexallergens and anti-bacterial soap, while keeping in the skins natural moisture. This lotion is a liquid latex like cream.It doesn't even wash off like other lotions. Gloves in a bottle is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and colorant free. I have even tried it on my knees, which are very dry and you can see it. Now they are not so noticeably dry. You can go and buy it on their web site or find out where in-store you can buy it. This ia recommended by lots of dermatalogists and doctors. Also used by them. So go to there web site and give it a try.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Week

Well tonite marks the one week of the girls having their own bedrooms. So far so good. They are still not sleeping through the nite. Before when they were in the same room they would take at least an hour to fall asleep. Now they are sleeping in under 30 mins. Payten is only waking once a nite and the same for Teagen. I am still waiting for them to sleep through the nite. It has been a little rough trying to make sure that when they wake up they go back to their bed and not to our bedroom. I have been very tired but trying to stick to it. With the exception of this morning. Ended up being all 4 of us in a double bed at 6am. Yes a double bed! We'll eventually get to a queen size bed. keep praying that this change will continue to work out.

Friday, February 8, 2008


My cousin called me other day and was telling me about the readings she picked for her wedding. The one she read was really neat and moved me. I thought it would be something nice, I would love to share with all my readers. It is something we often forget. This is from
1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustices but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Alot of times we often forget about these things in our hectic everyday lives.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

80 Degrees

It feels like Spring! The last 3 days it has been in the 70's here. Today it actually hit 80. It has been so beautiful. It has been crazy for February. My flowers are starting to come back up and the grass is getting greener. This is the best thing about the Sounth, very short and mild winters. If the pool was warmer we could have gone swimming. We are definitly heading over to the park for the girls to play before supper. Now starting tommorrow it is going back into the 50's. That stinks.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleep Study

Well first of all I want to thank all of you who prayed for Payten while she went through her study. She was a very big girl about it. She sat still for almost 2 hours while they hooked up about 20 wires to her. She didn't like it when they put the oxygen tube in her nose but dealt with it. She went to sleep at about 11pm and then woke up at 3am when the nurse came in to put the oxygen tube back in her nose. She pulled it out when she rolled over. Of course when she woke up she did so screaming and kicking. It took me about an hour to calm her down and back in bed. After she went back to sleep they came back in and put the tube back in cause she refused to do it awake. She slept great till they came in at 6:30 and woke us up to unhook her. We have to wait for about a week for the doctor to call us and let us know how she did and where we go from here. I was so proud of her. She did alot better than expected.
After we came home she was full of energy and playing till 12:30 then she crashed for a nap. Actually we all did except for daddy. He had a good night with Teagen. She did wake at about 11:30 and then crawled in bed with daddy. The slept till 3 am when gunshots woke them up. Needless to say daddy didn't get much sleep after that. That was the first disturbence we have had here in 10 months.
Now it is time to settle down, eat supper and then watch the Super Bowl!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


It was so nice and warm out today, the family decided to go for a nice long walk on the trail. We walked about 1 mile to a park and let the kids play. Of course we can't do anything without an incident. Teagen was running across the concrete to get to her sister when she tripped. Her tooth went through( not completely) her upper lip and she scraped up her upper lip. Poor baby just screamed and cryed forever. It took a long time to get the bleeding to stop. Now she has a fat lip. She is always getting hurt. After they finished playing at the park, we took a screaming kid and a calm kid and started the 1 mile hike back to the car. It was a very nice walk. The entire trail is 3 1/2 miles long going through 4 different parks, woods and along the Tar River. We will be walking the whole thing as soon as it gets a bit warmer out. It was low 60's today but very sunny. Felt great to get us and the girls out and to get some exercise.

Tonights the night

Well tonight is the night when Payten goes through her sleep study. We are a bit nervous, hopping she does ok. I tried to prepare her about what is going to happen. How she is going to be sleeping with mommy in a hotel and how the lady is going to put stickers on her chest,face and head and then they are going to hook the wires up to a computer to see how she is sleeping. Pray all goes well and she doesn't wake in the middle of the night and pull everything off. I'll update you all tomorrow.

Winner of Give-away

I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting my blog and signing up for my give-away. I also had a great time signing up for other give-aways. I used to pick my winner. Drum roll please.......and the winner is........Reeva. Congratulations!!!
Please come back again and join me in the everyday happenings.