Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We're home

Well we had a great visit but not enough time to see everyone. We were planning on leaving at 8 am but with Scott being sick We didn't get up till 8. We had the Tahoe all packed and ready to go when Scott shut the back doors and a present fell against the lock on the back column and locked the doors. Of course all our keys were in the Tahoe already. So needless to say we had to call a garage to come and get us unlocked. We didn't leave till 1 pm. I was stressing cause I didn't want to get home late so that the girls could unwind before bed. We got home at 10pm. It only took us 9 hours and that was even with us making a wrong turn and taking us 30 mins out of our way. The traffic was good. That was the 2nd time during our visit that we got locked out of the Tahoe but luckily I had the spare keys in the diaper bag(which I was holding). The girls are excited to be home and relaxing. They are so busy playing with all their toys. Now we have to clean house and find places for everything. That should be fun.

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Elizabeth F. said...

Wow! I'm glad that you guys made it back safely. I need to get your keys to you also! You guys have some of the worst luck when traveling...locking keys in cars, taking wrong turns, etc... Crazy!