Sunday, January 13, 2008


I hope you all had a great weekend. We certainly did. Friday nite we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese for supper and to play. Of course that took all nite so when we got it was time for bed. After the girls were sleeping the hubby and I sat down to watch The Bourne Ultimatum, Boy that was a great movie.
Sat we got up later than usual cause the girls had us up all nite. We took a ride into Raleigh for me to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my cousins wedding that I am in,in May. We figured why we were there to go ahead and go into Cary to Toys r us. It is our youngest's Birthday on Friday and we don't have her gift yet. It's hard since we have no big toy stores in our area. Well while we were on our way the girls were asleep and we got talking and decided to turn and head home since the girls really needed the nap and we didn't want to wake them up and we were due to be at a friends house at 4 and it was 2:30. We get almost home and Payten notices where we were and starts to flip out cause we didn't go to the toy store like daddy told her we were going to do. Well that pretty much set the night. We got home to find out that our friend had to cancel due to her son getting sick. We were all pretty bummed but hey things happen. So we thought we would treat ourselves and the girls to the hot tub. So we are all excited and walk down to find out that it is not working. Again our oldest flips out. So we get home and we decide to take them for a walk in their wagon. that worked till we were 1/4 way around and our oldest once again flips out cause daddy didn't go over a speed bump cause she asked him to go on the sidewalk. We are trying to calm her down when our youngest starts flipping out. At this point I am ready to turn around and go home. the both finally calm down. Teagen being carried by me and Payten in the wagon. When we get home I filled the tub with bubbles and let them get in and pretend they were in the hot tub. That worked for a full 5min when they started to fight with each other. So we cut it short and went to bed.
Sunday I got up at 7:45 with the girls. then we all went to church. Of course Payten decides she didn't want to go to her class so we dropped Teagen off in her class and took Payten with us to the service. She did really good. After we came home ate and took a nap. After supper we went to Target then took them to McDonald's for milkshakes and to play. that went really good till 10 mins before we were ready to leave Payten had an accident in her pants. That has not happened in so long. of course I was pretty mad since I had just asked her 1o mins prior if she had to go. So we went and changed her and then went home. She wasn't happy about that but i told her she had to have a consequence for potting in her pants. After we got home we read books, got ready for bed and the girls went to sleep. I was shocked I think Payten was asleep before her head hit the pillow.
Yeah, so we had a lovely weekend. Don't get me wrong, the whole weekend wasn't horrid just most of it.

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