Friday, January 18, 2008

Teagen is 2!

I can't believe my baby is 2yrs old. It seems just like yesterday we were in the hospital in the NICU unit for 16 days, waiting to see if she was going to live or not. She is such a energetic healthy girl. You would never knew she fought for her life. I just can't seem to believe today she is with us and health, after all she went through. God sure was with her and us. She is God's miracle baby and ours. We thank God each day for letting her live. Now only if we don't hit those so called ' Terrible two's '. Our oldest went through it and I sometimes think she still is at times. even thought they weren't as bad as some kids go through but bad enough. Well i will write more tomorrow to let everyone know how the party went.


Anonymous said...

She sure is God's miracle baby. I'm sure glad He left Her lived, to be with us. She is a Doll.

teresa said...

I cant believe she is two already. It seems like you just brought her home. She has growm into a very bright little girl. we love her alot. happy birthday.