Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was at the doctors office the other day and they have a tv showing some medical channel. On it they were showing how easy it was to flip an oven. I never would have imagined an oven would be so easy to flip. So they showed how with the oven door opened if you just pushed down on it , not even that hard, how it would just flip over. They also mentioned that every oven comes with these safety plates that you place on the back underneath it and bolt it to the floor or wall. Since I have never bought an oven I didn't know about this. I guess not many people use the safety devices and so there are alot of injuries due to them flipping on people. Can you imagine having some pots on the stove then opening the door to put something in it and having maybe your child come up and push down on the open door and everything falling off the stove and coming down on yourself and child. Scary! I will definitely be making sure to install the safety plates when we buy a stove or even when we buy a house.

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Dee said...

I never heard about safty plates.That is very interesting. I will be sure to check on that. Thank You