Friday, January 4, 2008

Hope Chest

I have this hope chest that my brother and his ex-wife made me for my babyshower. Inside it on the lid they put some pictures of when I was pregnant and some ultra-sound pics. Well tonight I opened it to get out a new sheet for on Payten's bed. Well Payten and Teagen started to look at the pics and ask questions. So I was explaining to them about the pics and how Payten was in Mommies belly. Payten says to me " mommy, I don't want to be in your belly" my response was " your not in my belly anymore, your right here now". Then she say an ultra-sound pic of when she was just an egg and she tells me " I don't want to be in the egg in your belly". So i explained to her how she started out an egg before her body formed. Then her next comment was " you pushed me out of your belly". That one just blew me away since I didn't say anything at all about pushing her out or how she got out. After that we shut the lid and a little later I was rocking with her and cuddling when she out of the blue says
" Mommy, can I be in the egg again back in your belly?" I told her" no, honey you can't get back in the egg into my bely". Then she asked if there were any babies in my belly. Of course I told her no and that we don't need anymore babies in this house right now.
Oh how 3 yr olds just blow you away with the questions and conversations they have with you. It really keeps you on your toes and it amuses you.

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