Tuesday, January 22, 2008


At Teagen's doctor appt the other day I talked to the doctor about Payten not sleeping through the night and her tantrums. She was such a great sleeper. At 7 weeks she was sleeping through the night till right after her 2nd birthday. Then she started to wake up screaming and kicking. At first her doctor up in PA said it was just night terrors and give her a few weeks and she would out grow them. I thought it was because every time she got sick she couldn't sleep at night cause she couldn't breath through her nose and she had to have a binkie. So right after Christmas with no changes in her sleep habit we took her binkie. She did really great without it.Which was great cause she would not sleep without it in her mouth. Still nothing changed with her sleeping. So after we moved to NC I talked to her Pediatrician about it and they wanted to do a sleep study. My hubby was absolutely against it. Well about 3 weeks before it she started to sleep all night so the week before i cancelled it. Of course as soon as I cancelled it she started all over. That was last July. She has not slept through the night since. So I brought it up again to the pediatrician and we are going to go through with the sleep study. This time I am not going to cancel. We go on Feb. 2 to a hotel. I am the only one allowed to stay with her since i am the one who gets up every night with her. Also because of her tantrums being so severe they are setting her up to see a child phyciatrists. Hoping they can help figure out why she is acting like this. When she throws her tantrums she is inconsolable. You can't even go near her and she flips out worse.
Hopefully these tests will help us understand things better and help us get back to a normal life style. Its hard for me to even be able to function everyday with not getting much sleep. There are days when I am luck to get 3 hours straight sleep. So we ask for all your paryers. That God will ead these specialists to find the answers.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes good with her sleep study. I will pray for Her to get better,at sleeping. It is really hard to not get your right sleep. I feel bad for you,and Her.

Mary said...

Gina I hope everything goes well. We will all pray for you and hope for the best