Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fish Tank

Well i am finally able to blog about our new addition to our family. My brother and his girlfriend sent Teagen a Gift card for us to go and buy her a fish tank for her birthday. We got it all set up last week. The girls just love it. We tried to let them both pick out their own fish for in it but Teagen was unable to decide. Payten picked out a Mickey Mouse fish and we got a tetra for Teagen. We put our betta( Big Red) in it a day before we got the other fish so he could get used to the tank. He was not liking it at first. Even after a week he still pretty much still stays at the top by the heater but now he is starting to venture out into the tank and chase the other fish. Even our cat is enjoying the fish. She loves to sit on the back of the futon and watch the fish. Of course as soon as one of the girls sees her sitting there they tell her no and chase her away. Well here is a pic of the tank.


Anonymous said...

Your Fish tank sure looks real nice. You guys sure did a good job fixing it up. I'm glad the girls & cat enjoys it.
Love mom

Sarah said...

Aww! I'm so glad that she loves the fish tank. It sounds like you guys (and Zoey) are enjoying it too. Miss you!

Elizabeth F. said...

Wow, you guys did a great job getting that together. I'll pray that all your fish survive the move!LOL!

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