Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Children eating

Do you ever have those days were you just don't know what to make for supper or even lunch cause your kids are so picky they don't eat anything? My kids are like that. I never know what to make. Everything I make or give to my kids to eat they turn away. I just get so frustrated with cooking and food in general. I remember my girlfriend told me about a book for picky toddlers but do you think I can remember it. So I don't even have the want or energy to cook cause I know that no matter what I make the girls won't eat. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.
And yes we have even tried the ' no getting out of your seat till you at least try it.' and they sit there forever and still refuse to even take a bite. I feel like I am failing at that part of parenting. I know that I am not but it still makes you feel that way. Looking forward to hearing about your ideas.


Happy Mommy said...

I would find what they do like and just make it everyday. Yes I think I would give in if I had this problem... My 3 kids just eat, I do know I am really blessed and that they are not the norm... But if its pb&j for 3 weeks it won't hurt them. Good luck!

MamaofThree said...

Yeah, same problem over here...just the other day my son sat at the table and cried because I was making him eat an apple...yes, an apple. What kind of mother am I?

Elizabeth F. said...

I have no answers for you, and Zachary is starting the picky thing. He wants whatever Carb is on his plate and that's it! He refuses all vegetables. I think it's jsut a phase. If not, when he gets a little older he will be in for a rude awakening, b.c I will make him sit there all night! But, for now he's 2 and that's what 2 yr olds do! LOL! Good Luck!

Covey and Justin said...

Hey there--I linked to your blog from Elizabeth Fuson's site. Kids will eat when they get hungry enough. There are tons of kids in the world that can't be picky eaters.

That said, it is hard to fight every night. I would suggest making a breakfast and lunch that they like and is nutritious and then introducing new foods at dinner time--that way mealtimes aren't always a fight and you know they aren't starving. Also, limiting the variety will help a lot. For a week, offer broccoli at every dinner. You guys might get sick of it but your kids may eventually try it. Also, you might try hiding the healthy stuff. Do they like to dip things? A little honey mustard can go a long way when it comes to veggies. Do they like smoothies? You can make a fruit smoothie and hide tofu and green veggies in it. Just tell them it is a monster smoothie or a Shrek smoothie or something like that. My boy eats banana orange broccoli sweet potato smoothies like nobodies business. He loves them! It is a great snack for the afternoon slump. The book deceptively delicious has some good tips for hiding healthy purees in foods that your kids might already eat. I hide sweet potato puree in pancakes and let my son help cook. Anything at all that he helps cook he is willing to eat. He is even tempted by spinach when I offer to let him "taste" it out of the skillet. He thinks that is so cool. I don't really care if he eats half of his meal in my arms at the stove as long as he is eating healthy stuff. The most important thing is not not give in. If your kids know that they refuse to eat for 30 minutes you will give in and make them something else then they will keep holding out. A few nights of not giving in should convince them to try the food on their plate. Also make sure that at least one thing on their plate appeals to them, even if it is applesauce or bread. That way they don't feel totally blindsighted.