Saturday, December 29, 2007

Writing from PA

Well we have been home now for 3 days. We have been having a great visit. The time is definitely going way to fast. Last night we took my girlfriend out for her 30th birthday that is on 1-3. We first had a surprise party for her at her in-laws house and then 13 of us went to Faxon Bowling. The Lanes have a bar in it and at 9pm they do cosmo bowling. That is where they have it dark with black lights on and different lights and disco balls on. It is pretty cool. Also at the bar if you look under 30 they card you and put a bracelet on your arm. Well neither Scott nor I were carded but Teresa ( who is older than me) got. Well I no longer look young. We then went to a bar in Montoursville. The had karaoke but unfortunately no one would sing with me so again I didn't get to experience the thrill of embarrassing myself on purpose. We closed the bar at 2am. I was very proud of myself, I was able to walk out on my own with just a slight buzz. Teresa on the other hand had to have help walking to the car. We ended up back at their house and sat up till 5 am talking then back up at 830am to get back to my parents house to get the kids. It was a great night and a night that was desperately needed. Well I better get back to visiting.

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