Monday, December 17, 2007

WHY ????

Why does everything always happen at the wrong time? With Christmas only 4 days away we are in such a rush. The in-laws are coming tomorrow afternoon and the house is still not cleaned. My hubby is stressing out over all we have to do yet. Payten wasn't watching where she was walking last night and walked right into the corner of the counter . She hit right above her left eyebrow, so now she has a nice bruise and cut. Of course I am sick. I feel ok in the morning but by the time afternoon hits I feel horrible and can't do anything but lay on the couch.
Why is it when men get sick all the do is lay around and whine and of course we take pity on them and take care of them. When us women get sick we are to keep going. Take care of the kids, clean the house, cook and then not whine or complain. I hate it. When is someone going to take care of me for a change when I am sick? The other night after my hubby got home, he did tell me to go soak in the tub and he would take care of setting the new component stand up. That was sweet of him. But now last night he made me feel that it didn't matter if I was sick or not I had to get up and help clean the house. I would just love to be able to say" who cares if the house is not perfect" and to be able to lay around and relax. It's a wonder women ever get better when they are sick because we never get to rest and are still stressed out.
Now tonight we have to go out and finish Christmas shopping, shampoo the carpets, and finish wrapping gifts. OOOOOHHHHH I just want to scream. Why is it we always wait to the last min to get everything done? I know I don't have much choice about not getting alot done during the day. My girls do not let me sit here at the puter to blog let alone clean or wrap gifts. Well here in about 20 mins the girls and I are going to bake some cookies. Well hopefully this will go good without too much of a mess to clean up. HAHAHA.

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Elizabeth F. said...

Oh man, you had a rough couple of days! I know what you mean about getting sick. John can't take the day off when I get sick so I have to take care of the kids and house, etc... without any help usually. And I hate when I've been sick, had a cold or sore throat or something and get very little sympathy BUT then a week later he gets it and complains and complains to NO end...and expects me to feel sorry for him and baby him and stuff. Give me a one cared last week when I was sick! Okay this has turned into one long gripe session! ha..ha..