Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yes, it is snowing here in PA. I was really missing the snow, not shoveling but how pretty it all looked. It started snowing tonight and so far hasn't stopped. We probably have about an inch so far. I just wish it would have done it last night so the girls could have played in it this morning. We were out making our last visit with my cousins tonight and when we were heading back to my parents house at 10 pm the roads were getting very slippery. We took 2 turns sideways. It was fun since we did not have the girls with us. Boy it sure looks beautiful seeing the snow on the mountains and laying in the trees.
Well we are heading home tomorrow morning. Kind of hoping we get snowed in but I don't think there is that chance. Poor Scott is having a horrible time. He got bad allergies and then it brought on a sinus infection. Plus his coat zipper broke. Which is not good since it is only in the 30's up here. So I will be helping him drive tomorrow. Which is fine with me. It helps make the trip go faster. Praying the traffic will be good so we can get home at a decent time so that the girls will have time to unwind from being in the car all day before they have to go to bed. I am ready to go home to warmer weather but not ready to leave my family and friends. It is never enough time. Hoping to come home for a week in a few months with the girls.
It is just so exciting to be able to see the snow. You miss it when you don't have it, just like everything else.

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