Sunday, December 23, 2007

Relaxation at last

We were finally able to sit down and relax tonight. The first time in a week. We watched The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. It was a great movie. I am pretty good at picking up on things and keeping up with it but this movie has me lost. I just do not understand how the kept 2yrs apart through the whole movie than finally meet in the same time. Someone will have to fill me in.
We had a nice visit with Scott's dad and step mom. The girls of course were impossible to deal with at times. It is so great when the kids decide to act like spoiled rotten brats ( which they are not) when we have our family around, when they haven't seen them in months. Why our girls are most of the time impossible to deal with is beyond comprehension to me.
Well anyways, we leave on the 26Th to go up to PA where we are from. I especially am getting excited. My family has decided to have a get together on Thursday so we can visit with everyone. Which really makes it nice and much easier for us. There are just so many people we want to see and never enough time. Well I guess we will make do with the time we have and hopefully we will get to see those we were unable to visit with the last trip we made up North.

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Elizabeth F. said...

I was completely confused on that movie too! I jsut didn't get it. Sorry, I can't help you. he..he..