Friday, December 14, 2007

Dress Rehearsal

Well Wednesday night was our oldest daughters dress rehearsal for her church Christmas program. The put all the kids on the stage to sing their final song as a group. She did really good at first and stood on the stage. After they got everyone on and they were trying to situate them, one of the teachers asked Payten to move over and it was all over. She just started to bawl. I couldn't even get her to calm down till I took her off the stage. She refused to go back up.
So we sat there and watched the first half. My girlfriend's kids were also in it. It was so funny to watch her middle son go up with his class. He stood right in front of the microphone and stretched his neck up and sung right into the microphone. It was so cute. Then it was her daughters turn she did the same thing as her brother. I wish my kids were more like that. Someday hopefully they will be.
There program is this Sunday and we are going to try again. Hopefully this time she will be okay and we will stay out of view. Wish us luck!

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Elizabeth F. said...

TRust me...if Xander can come so far as to sing into a microphone on stage so can your girls. I read a book that changes my perspective on him called "Overcoming Shyness" or HElping your child Overcome Shyness. something like that from the library. Up until about a year ago he wouldn't talk to anyone, go to Sunday School class, etc... The main thing that I got out of the book was everyone has times of feeling shy or bashful, but you have to teach your kids what to do in those situations. Give them coping tools to use when they feel uncomfortable. And that it's normal and ok and that we are not mad at them when they feel this way. (Even though there have been some majorly frustrating times!) It's a great book.